KDArtStudio started as a Lifestyle Brand featuring the unique, original art, design, photography & music of Kathy Duff ©2000-2020
Our Art is created using a combination of digital & hand drawn/painted techniques, each originating from our own photography, sketches or music
Soundwaves from our music is featured in a lot of our abstract fractal art designs, so you might actually be wearing our art & music on your feet if you purchase an abstract print pair of shoes, how fun is that?
Our digital art is often taken from our own photography & manipulated using a variety of art & photo filters & techniques, so what started as a vase of flowers on our kitchen table, might end up being a digital abstract art print, a small piece of our home to yours
All of our art, photography & music is very personal to us & usually has some back story to it, you could say it's a biography of my life in living art
KDArtStudio artwork is featured on Art Prints, Cards, Apparel, Handbags, Shoes & Accessories, Homewares & Business Products & is available for purchase throughout our various online stores
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All Content ©2020
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