Storing Herbs out of Season


A lot of herbs are seasonal and won't last year long'

If you cut them while they are in season, you can have fresh herbs all year long for your favorite recipes by puting them in an ice cube tray with olive oil or butter


Then when you need basil in the middle of winter, just pop out a herbed oil/butter cube which is roughly around 1 Tbsp and add it to your sauce or whatever you are making



How to know if your Avocado is Ripe


When you are buying Avocado's there are a couple of ways

to see if they are ripe, over-ripe or ok to eat


The first test is to remove the outside pip

If the hole is dark in the middle it is over-ripe

If it is a nice light color, it's ripe and ready to eat


The second way to tell is by it's color


You don't want it firm and light green, you will have to wait 5 days for it to ripen


You also don't want it dark green and mushy, it's over-ripe and may be brown inside


An avocado that is ready to be sliced should be darker in color, soft to touch but not mushy 


If you want to mash it straight away to make guacamole for example the darker soft avocados are best

If Avocado's are on sale, but you aren't ready to use them yet, you can buy harder lighter avocado's & place them in a sunny kitchen windowsill to ripen up over the next few days, then when you are ready to use them, you have them on hand

Cutting Cherry Tomatoes in Bulk

If you have a lot of tomatoes to cut, the easiest way is to line them up on a round takeout container lid and place another one on top of them

Then get a serrated bread knife

and slice right through the middle of them all at once






Don't throw away your Vegetable ends


Place Green onion ends, celery, lettuce in a dish or jar with tall sides and fill with an inch or two of water, within a week they will start to regrow


You will have Green Onions again in a week


You can repeat this process several times over


Just make sure the water is clean

every couple of days, top up if you need to



Keep Fresh Herbs year round


A lot of herbs don't survive the winter


I place my store bought herbs in a shallow dish in my kitchen window with water and they regrow year round


They are protected from the elements (and the neighbors dog/cat), are organic and tasty in your favorite dishes


You can move them around in winter or summer if they

need more sun or shade

Remember to water from the bottom, ie. put water in the dish they are sitting in, not on the top of the plant

Making Chocolate curls


The easiest way to make chocolate curls for your desserts

is to use a potato peeler down the edge of a block of



It also helps if you refrigerate the chocolate first so it doesn't melt in hot weather while

you are working








If you are like me, you like to think there's nothing you can't do


When it comes to cooking, not everything always goes

according to plan


The best intentions of making your own home made condiments

can go astray, fast


I had a recipe for Home Made Mayo, I thought I'd be smart

throwing it all in the nutribullet and in seconds I'd have instant mayo

If it works for sauces, why not for mayo?

Anything to save me time, right ?


How very wrong I was....the nutribullet blends at such a

turbo rate that it doesn't emulsify,  it 'broke' my mayo and instead of a thick creamy homemade spread, I ended up with runny, soupy revolting egg and oil mixture the consistency of water 


I was going to throw it all out with the garbage & start over


But I was sure there had to be some way to fix it


I scoured the internet for 1/2 hour

Tried one trick, okay, two tricks

neither worked


I don't give up easy

If someone says you can't do something, I usually find a way to prove them wrong


I came up as a very last resort, 

with my own brilliant HACK

that WORKED !


I now have thick, creamy mayo, out of slush :)


What to do:

Get a glass mixing bowl


Add 1 tbsp of Yellow Mustard 

(Which after all is just seasoned vinegar and water)


Start whisking the mustard and add a drop or two at a time of

the soupy slushy runny mayo mixture whisking the whole time with the other hand keep dropping a drop or two at a time

and constantly whisking until you have used up the whole mixture


It will be thicker than you had it before, but still not thick enough to be called mayo or to spread

Do not fret

Place the whole lot of this thicker mixture into a tall wide mouthed (mason) jar


 Get out your old trusty hand stick blender that you thought you'd never use again and start blending up and down

Within 2-3 mins, you will have a thick, creamy, spreadable homemade mayo


No one will know you ever blew it the first time 


It works, it really works !

Fresh Egg or Not?



Something a lot of people don't know

is that there is a tried and tested way

 to see if your eggs are fresh


Place a whole egg with shell on

in a glass of water


If it floats to the top

it is old and no good


If it sinks to the bottom

of the glass

It is fresh and 

ready for you to cook with


If it stays halfway

it's probably best to use it first

before your fresh ones



Testing Meat Temp / Done-ness can be easy when you

know what to look for


Everyone likes their steak a different temperature




"Blue" uncooked



Red, cool center


Medium Rare:

Warm and pink in the middle 

and seared on the outside





Light brown middle, no pink left

Seared on the outside



Well Done:

Cooked right through, brown inside

and out with clear juices



You don't always have access to a meat thermometer, but you always have access to your hand


By doing the "finger test" you can see straight away

if the meat is done to your liking


The palm of your hand will be soft or hard depending which finger you flex against it

This method has been used many times to check the temperature of meat

or it's 'done-ness'


You simply use each finger up against your palm

to check how firm it is


Hold your hand out, palm up

Poke the base of your hand by the base of the thumb

It's soft like raw meat


Touching your forefinger and thumb together - Feel the same part of your hand. It’s a little firmer - This is how meat feels when it’s rare


The pad of your hand will get progressively firmer with each finger


Touch your middle finger to the tip of your thumb -  Medium rare 


Next, touch the tip of your ring finger to your thumb - This is what a medium-well will feel like


When you touch your pinky to your thumb - is the equivalent of a well-done steak


So you can do the finger test

and gently poke the meat

to feel it's done-ness while it is cooking

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